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Kona Hawaii Dolphin Swims


Join Dolphin Essence to swim with wild dolphins along the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii

Aloha and Welcome!

Swim with wild dolphins and enjoy majestic humpback whale watching with Dolphin
Essence, the most experienced and best ocean eco tour along the Kona coast of the Big Island, Hawaii.

Experience a life changing up close and personal experience as hundreds of friendly wild dolphin swim and play in their ocean home where they greet you with their beautiful song and healing sonic frequency.


Experience the grace and the beauty of the dolphins’ transformational healing vibrations.

Join us for a dolphin journey with six people to explore the ocean and reefs where we swim with dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and sometimes pilot whales.

During the winter months we watch humpback whales as we call them with our ancient chants to reveal themselves to us at close range.

We also offer week long swims with the humpback whales in Tonga during September and October, a most beautiful experience of a lifetime swimming next to these gentle giants.

Your guide will insure you have the most up close and personal encounters in a most respectful and sacred manner which calls to the spirit of these magnificent marine mammals.

This is why the Travel Channel called on John Float as the famous dolphin whisperer in Hawaii to guide them for a special feature they aired on swimming with the wild dolphins in Kona, Big Island, Hawaii earlier this year!

It is totally different experience being with a small group of magnetic souls than being on a boat with 12-30 other swimmers chasing the dolphins.

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied to the max and have a five star review!

Our dolphin swims have a 99% success rate in meeting up with our cetacean cousins!

During excursions from January through April you will also see and hear the magnificent Humpback whales and their newborn calves.

Join us with a small, friendly group of people (6 maximum) for a memorable, experiential adventure aboard a 24-foot powerboat. Swim with pods of hundreds of Hawaiian spinner and spotted dolphins in their ocean home. We offer wild Dolphin swims and Humpback whale adventures, spirit-filled, educational programs with a joyous, peaceful experience. Your guides are experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the ocean and its creatures, as well as in transformational work with body, mind, and spirit. Choose a dolphin boat swim program with us and swim with the dolphins in Hawaii for for a truly beautiful experience you will always remember.